The next set of DLC for Dishonored has been announced, “The Knife of Dunwall” will have you playing as Daud, the assassin who kills the Empress. This new DLC will have you playing from Daud’s perspective and give you all new abilities, weapons, and areas to explore. Opening up a whole new section of Dunwall and granting you a new perspective of gameplay. It is definitely a nice change of pace to have a DLC that gives you a new perspective on the events that happen in Dishonored and everything that changed what happened to the main character. Here is the complete run down of whats coming.


The mark of the Outsider empowers you with unique supernatural abilities. Call upon the Whalers to assist in combat with ‘Summon Assassin’, track down hidden Runes and Bone Charms with ‘Void Gaze’ and learn to use new variations to powers, including ‘Blink’. To aid in your dangerous exploits your customized arsenal of weapons and gadgets will include Chokedust to daze your enemies, whale oil powered Stun Mines to shock your targets, and a concealed Wristbow to launch sleep darts and explosive bolts.


Make your way through the Legal District and infiltrate the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, a steaming factory filled with colossal whale carcasses and their hulking butchers. Revisit the decaying Flooded District, the location of Daud’s hidden base, first seen in the original game. Return to the scenes of key events in Dishonored with a new perspective, including the fateful moment that sets off Corvo’s journey.


On your search for answers, approach each mission with your own style. Your redemption – or your turn towards darkness – depends on your skills and the decisions you make. Discover the mystery behind Delilah in this stand-alone chapter, and then conclude Daud’s story in the upcoming final add-on, The Brigmore Witches.


Look for “The Knife of Dunwall” to arrive  April 16, 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points.


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