UPDATE: It appears the announcement made yesterday about a preview of the new Deus Ex game was nothing but an April Fool’s Day prank. The announcement, made via the Deux Ex official facebook page, said that today would be the premiere of the next installment in the franchise, Deus Ex: Human Defiance, but it turns out Human Defiance is nothing more than an 8-bit project that Eidos Montreal is planning to make if the Deus Ex fecebook page gets to 250k likes. You can view a video of Jean-Francois Dugas, Deus Ex Executive Producer, and Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, Deux Ex Production Designer, talking about DX: Human Defiance here.


Original Story:

The official facebook page of the Deus Ex series posted an update announcing that the ‘world’s first look’ at the sequel to the highly successful Deus Ex: Human Revolution will happen tomorrow. The facebook update says that the game will be called Deux Ex: Human Defiance, which confirms speculation that was stirred when Square Enix trademarked the name last month.

But, is this all real news, or is it just a cruel prank that Square Enix is planning for April Fool’s Day? Nobody knows just yet.

Something that is definitely not a joke is that the Deus Ex movie is currently in production by CBS Films, and is being directed by ‘Sinister’ director Scott Derrickson.

Did you enjoy Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and are you looking forward to the sequel? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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Update Source: Gamespot

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