April 2 is the date that has been announced finally for the new DLC for Borderlands 2. The update was announced at PAX East in Boston this past weekend and will give you new stuff to play, including a level cap increase. Owners of the Season Pass will of course get the DLC for free but will cost the rest $5 (£5/€6) or 400 Microsoft Points. Here are the updates that will be coming:

  • Level cap increase – The level cap moves from Lvl 50 to level Lvl 61
  • Pearlescent Weapon Class – Ultra-rare guns and ammo from the original Borderlands to help mix things up.
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode – A new mode which will make all enemies as tough as the hardest member of your team.

Another new addition coming soon to Borderlands 2 at an unknown date is Krieg, The Psycho. He will cost all players an additional 800 Microsoft Points ($9.99/£11.99/€12.99). This will be a slight inconvenience to those with the Season Pass.

Krieg will take the enemies head on with his Blood Axe Rampage action skill, it let’s him regain health as he mows his way through the enemy, and you’ll have Hellborn , which is all about elemental damage and increases your hits while you are fighting on fire.

Also coming out in May, it has been announced at PAX East that the Borderlands 2 Diamond Plate Loot Chest will be release, giving you a bunch of codes for in-game gear and give you real-life replica items for only $99.99.

The bundle doesn’t include a copy of the game but was inspired by the sold-out Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest. They want gamers that have a copy of the game to be able to go out and get it without having to get another copy with the Diamond Plate version.

The package will be sold through Forbidden Planet, Think Geek and through Gearbox’s own shop. It’s limited to only 5,000 units. The package includes a mask modeled after the Goliath enemy type (including a code for an in-game version), a wanted poster featuring art from the game, a deck of cards with codes for in-game of Legendary items, window decals, a certificate of authenticity, and the chest itself (Which keep in mind, does not include real diamonds).

Source: Dlcentral, Polygon

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