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Battlefield 3‘s final piece of DLC End Game has landed and it includes 4 new maps and 2 new game types. These maps are less diverse this time around and are pretty symmetrical which leads to easy to control choke points. The new capture the flag maps are made more fast paced games with quick, intense firefights. The maps are mostly made for vehicles with vast, open areas and roads but they do include some cross roads and buildings for infantry combat. The maps do have diverse environments though, providing an interesting graphical experience that include forest and jungle themes to even the arctic. These maps definitely show off the Frostbite engine!

Operation Riverside


This map is definitely for the people who want some dirt bike action, featuring ramps and quick ways in and out of the bases for capture the flag. It is pretty obvious that DICE wants you to get on a dirt bike and haul. This is definitely an infantry focused map with the roads on the outside of it being for heavy vehicles.



Now this map is the vehicle heavy focused map for capture the flag featuring flat lands and having the ability to get around the map on any vehicle quickly, this isn’t very infantry focused due to the open vastness and not as much cover.



This map which involves a railroad definitely is the most vertically diverse because it isn’t flat or built on one plane it features many hills for many jumps and cross roads built for hiding.



This map was built to cater to both infantry and vehicles but provides a little bit of a twist, with a central base. If you own this base then you can definitely dominate in capture the flag. This one definitely feels like a call back to a few of the maps in Bad Company 2.


Air Superiority is for the people who love flying jets. The new game mode is jet vs jet action and getting into 12 on 12 dog fights. Having to protect certain points in this game mode makes for a interesting twist especially when the points are blimps. It plays like conquest wher eyou have to hold and defend points while flying and evvading eny jets. If you love flying then this mode is for you, it will definitely help you rank up your jet as well. Now what about ejecting? Well, give it a shot if you want to find out what happens when you try to eject in Air Superiority.

The downside to this DLC is the fact that there isn’t much destruction like there was with Aftermath. The environments don’t feature too many buildings instead they have open vast areas in each and every map and as always, if you don’t have a great time then you will be huffing it like a one man army.

Now does capture the flag work in Battlefield? Yes it does, it definitely works on the smaller maps with more focused points and keeps the teams less spread out. From the new vehicles to the new game modes, DICE has listened to the players and brought a great DLC. If you are a premium member then you are already playing, and if you aren’t you will have to wait a bit to get the experience!


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