Online mega store has taken a big hit from EA and Maxis’s latest game SimCity. The game released on the 5th of this month, to an eyeopening amount of sales. Sadly with those sales comes high density traffic. The servers that run the game are owned by EA which features no “Offline” mode, only private and open online games. Of course this server use is to help fight against piracy for the game but sometimes its not worth it.

Amazon has pulled the digital copies of  SimCity off of its virtual shelves due to the connection issues. You are still able to by the CD physical copies of the game, in hopes that within the few days it would take to deliver the problems will be solved. If you wish to buy the digital version of the game, you  will be greeted with a “currently unavailable” message over the price, and a warning message about the servers.

Fans and owners of the game have been blowing up on Twitter and Reddit about the problems with the game, demanding and waiting for a solution. They have also started making memes making fun of the server problems, which certainly cant be good for the duo companies or the game itself.

I personally hope they can get the servers back up and running smoothly, as me and a few others on the site have been anxiously waiting to play with no problems.

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