With 2013 the speculated year of next generation, and Sony’s vague teaser trailer- gamers were more than excited to check out the live feed of Sony’s announcement last night. And you guessed it, Sony officially confirmed it’s next console- the Playstation 4! While overall the confirmation that next-gen is upon us ( Microsoft announcing their next console is inevitable) is incredibly exciting, the PS4 announcement left an underwhelmed feeling, and unanswered questions.

The most noticeable thing missing from the presentation? The console itself. Sony did reveal the Dualshock 4 controller however! And like recent rumors and leaks have revealed, it features both a touch screen and social media share button. It also comes equipped with an odd light bar, to work in tandem with a stereo camera (remained un-revealed) to identify players and track 3D position.

Sony didn’t confirm or deny rumors that the PS4 would block the use of used games during the presentation, but backwards compatibility was mentioned-sort of. There are no current plans for backwards compatibility, but the company is hopeful for the the future- especially with its brand new cloud service. The new cloud service will be released in phases through the life-span of the next console.

The company covered what they referred too as the “five principals in crafting the PS4”.

  1. Simple: The console would be consumer oriented.
  2. Immediate: Speed. Reduce lag time between consumers and content. Suspend/Resume- just the press of a button to switch among content. A custom chip allows the background downloading of digital content so content can be played while downloading.
  3. Social: The PS4 has a social interface redesign. Video compression and decompression is always on, allowing for quick uploads to players favorite social media sites. A more complex friends network, allowing the use of real names and photos.
  4. Integrated: Cross-platform capability.
  5. Personalization: With a simple button press, users will be able to access the latest news from friends. The system will learn its users likes and dislikes to provide better content dedicated to you, helping to reduce download times. The system, based on user preference, will be able to predict a future game purchase and download it so the title will be ready to play before the user even hits the buy button.

Specs (Like a PC, but supercharged!):

  • CPU- X86.
  • Graphics- Enhanced PC GPU.
  • 8 GB Unified Memory.
  • Local Storage HDD.
  • 176 GB per second of bandwith.
  • GDDR5.

The Playstation 4 will feature built in live streaming, but other than quickly mentioning it- the company didn’t elaborate on exactly how this would work. PS Move will be returning, and the Vita a companion to the new console (capable of switching between the home and hand-held console, but again no details were given on how it will work exactly). Sony’s focus, during this announcement at least, seemed to be on the social media aspect coming to the new console. With seamless sharing to social networking sites and inter connectivity between users (players will be able to ask a friend to take over their controller to help complete tough parts of games) it seems Sony is trying too create an entire universe rather than a console. With their best secrets (hopefully) still under wraps, the presentation left a lot to be wondered and felt…premature.  But with a Holiday 2013 release (no confirmed date or price point was revealed), Sony has plenty of time to wow us- heres hoping they do!

Watch the entire conference? Well, here you go!

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