The 2nd map pack has come out for Halo 4, and this time its for team Majestic. Does this map pack live up to the standard of maps or is this something you shouldn’t team up with?

The Majestic Map Pack comes with 3 maps, Landfall, Monolith, and Skyline.


landfall preview

Landfall is a small to mid size map that is asymmetrical that offers a very diverse environment in terms of variety and gameplay. Now the map is separated into two sections, the inside complex and the outside dock area. The indoor and outdoor areas add a little something more to multiplayer with it catering to people who love the DMR and also people who like using assault weapons.  Also there is a huge vista that allows you to watch with the attack on a colony as they are trying to escape from the coves. Now is this map a good map? It is definitely a great map with its unique layout and brings back a close quarters gametype and also quicker gameplay, it has the classic Halo 2 map feel.


 monolith overhead

Monolith is another mid sized map with a more open area that will cater to those who can make quick use of the DMR with very high and low areas, not to mention many blind corners and tunnels that offer a lot of sneaking around.  This map is very easy to pick up and play due to the fact it is very symmetrical and made for king of the hill and capture the flag. If you are into having a easy fun arena you will love this one. Also the man cannons are definitely a plus to this map and having the ability to zoom across the map definitely adds a layer of skill.  The downside to this map is that it is very basic and doesn’t really bring out any bang like the other 2 which I am sad to say this is the weakest of the maps.



Finally there is Skyfall, it creates a killfest of carnage due to the fact that it has the most direct line of sights and is very symmetrical but with the fact that it’s 2 levels, it will mean that you will have to pay close to attention to your surroundings.  The main section of death is definitely the middle, holding it is the best part of the map but due to the fact it is possible to shoot outside anywhere it is possible that anyone can shoot into it too. Also throw in random fuel barrels and this map definitely gets a lot more explosive.

Overall these maps are good, they are not great. It still feels like 343 is playing it safe, these maps are definitely worth buying if you are into the smaller game types and not the big team gameplay which was what Crimson was about.  Overall this is a buy if you are a big fan of Halo and if you actively play multiplayer, but if you aren’t a hardcore multiplayer gamer you might want to pass it up.


images via: waypoint

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