Today Vice President Joe Biden is meeting with representatives from the video game industry to discuss gun violence due to the events that took place last month in Connecticut.

According to the Associated Press the Vice President also has meet with representatives from Comcast and the MPAA on Thursday. Also according to AP, the VP did meet with the National Rifle Association (NRA) that basically went nowhere and the NRA did reject the Presidents proposal for a ban on high capacity magazines and assault weapons. The NRA believes that this is a attack on the second amendment, but we shall see what today’s meetings with reps from the video game industry say.

The video game industry has always been the target after a gun violence event. Many congressmen and the NRA believe that video game and media violence are the ones to blame due to the many scenes of violence in video games and they believe it desensitizes children to violence. VP Biden is said to present a proposal for gun violence on Tuesday with the president that is said to address mental health and violence in the media. Now these proposals are supported by the NRA but not the bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Head on over to AP to read the rest of the article, and we will be keeping you up to date with video games back on capital hill yet again. What do you all think about gun violence in the media?


SOURCE: Associated Press