Sources connected to the industry and Sony have revealed to CVG that the company seems to be abandoning the dual-shock controller design synonymous with PlayStation for nearly fourteen years. A senior game studio source in the process of developing an upcoming Sony game suggests:

“Experiments within Sony’s R&D department are thought to have been extensive. Versions of the new PS4 pad include bio-metric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen.”

With a second source adding, “PlayStation engineers are trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita.”

The article by CVG also suggests that the industry could see the announcement of the PS4, code-named Orbis, in a matter of weeks- not moths. It’s also been speculated that PS3 dual-shock controllers will be compatible with the new console, with users being able to use them as ‘back-up’ controllers.

Think Sony will abandon the recognizable controller design in favor of a similar one to the under-whelmingly sold PlayStation Vita? Does Sony’s legal issues with Immersion, patent holders of the rumble tech used in current controllers, in 2007 (yes, it’s been that long since we’ve seen new consoles) have anything to do with the interest in changing it up? Let us know what you think about the possible change!

Source: CVG. Image Source: IGN

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