So I just watched the ‘Kick Ass’ trailer for Aliens. Looks to me like it may be the best Alien game to date. Of course, it is the most recent one, aside from Sega’s Aliens vs. Predators. In this trailer, you can see pulse rifles, smartguns, and payloaders all wreaking havoc on LV-426 against the Xenomorphs. Plus, there is also some dubstep in this trailer. I think this may be a game you could play while listening to that. When the game finally releases, you can definitely expect to see me online playing it. Aliens: Colonial Marines releases on February 12 on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC. What does everyone think about this trailer, and about the game as a whole? Will it be able to fill the shoes of the Alien saga?

Source: GamesRadar


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