• Developer(s): Gameloft
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Price(s): $6.99

The third installment in the Gangstar series by Gameloft, Gangstar Rio is by far one of the most fun games to grab right now. With it’s grab-and-go style, great combat, an immersive story-line that grabs your attention and holds it with a tight grip. Featuring some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen on a mobile device, this is a game to have.


The game itself is a beauty, with outstanding graphical work done on well, everything! Each item you can acquire is designed with attention paid to even the finest details, leaving nothing to be desired. The gameplay is a continuation from the preceding story-line but has just the right amount of differentiation that newcomers to the series won’t have a feeling of being lost. The game-world is highly dynamic for being a mobile game; with night/day cycles, roaming citizens, enemies that may or may not attack you based on your reputation (Game Experience level.) and more.

Night Flight


Updated Menu System

The game menu has had a lovely & often refreshing update, taking advantage of the new iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen. Your inventory is much easier to manage, crisp and concise item descriptions tell you exactly what you’re looking at without any “Whaa?” factor happening. Scrolling through your inventory is a breeze, getting you to what you want in record time.

Gangstar Rio: Menu

[tabgroup][tab title=”Gameplay ~ General”]In a general sense the gameplay hasn’t taken a huge divergence from the preceding games in the Gangstar series. You can still use the Gyroscope to steer or an on-screen wheel etc. Game combat is pretty much the same, as are the mission scenarios. A Tank[/tab][tab title=”Gameplay ~ In-Depth”]Now while the controls have stayed remotely the same, there have been some additions to how you can play the game. The most important is the parkour/free-running style of traversing the game map that was introduced. Primary examples are when faced with an obstacle directly in front of your character you can run towards & subsequently vault over it. These moves also include jumping from to adjoining rooftops, climbing walls etc. A cover system was also introduced, greatly increasing your odds of survival in large firefights. Skill upgrades, outfits with health or ammo bonuses, all this & more has been added!



[tabgroup][tab title=”Pros”]Pretty much everything about this game is a plus; the graphics, gameplay, good A.I., and great environments in which to run around.Biking Away[/tab][tab title=”Cons”]There simply are none, zero…[/tab][/tabgroup]

Wrap Up

All in all, this game is definitely one to have if you’re into crime/open-world style games. Graphics are superb, missions are numerous, many guns and extra content to play with. I highly recommend this for any mobile gamer!

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