As 2012 closed out, December topped off a year of video game sale declines. Game sales fell a whole 26% while console sales fell 20%. Less people are wanting to spend $60 on brand new games, when they can get full games for cheaper, or even free, from social networking sites, or on their mobile devices. The estimated revenue of social/mobile games just for the month of December was a whopping $4.1 billion.

Even with these declines Black Ops 2 still managed to be the number one game of the year, followed by Madden 13, and Halo 4. This makes the fourth year that a Call of Duty game was the top game of the year.


One of the reasons for the decline was that there was fewer new releases in 2012 (29% fewer new titles across the industry). Console sales were boosted with the release of the Wii-U, nearly 1.3 million since its release. Even with those numbers, more Xbox 360s were sold. Xbox sold three times that amount last month. That’s a lot of new Xbox gamers.

Hopefully if Microsoft and Sony do release new consoles this year, they will help revive the potentially dying market.

Source: CNBC

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