Now here is something that definitely nearly passed me by, Splice is a puzzle game that was released on STEAM a while back, but now the game has come to Android but does it live up to its PC counter part?



Splice is a very unique puzzle game, you take strands of DNA and have a set number of turns to move the cell into the target cell. As you move further and further into the game, there will be cool mutations increasing the difficultly but it never becomes hair pulling, it always stays zen like, the music also plays to this type of game where it is a melancholia and majestic piano theme that doesn’t ever get annoying.  The graphics are very crisp and clean, with a color scheme that is very calm and thought provoking. In addition it is all very fluid and streamlined, there is little to no loading, it doesn’t lag or I never experienced a crash or game breaking glitch.  This is a full fledged game with 70+ puzzles, it is hard to find anything wrong with this game because its a great puzzle game that I will be honest, enjoyed more on my tablet then my PC. It feels like it was made for tablet, the gameplay is just so natural and easy to pick up and play which is great for anyone that wants to flex their mind.


Who should buy this you ask? Well, honestly, if you have an Android device with 2.3 or higher and if you want a great puzzle game for a low price, I would definitely say buy it, the price tag, the gameplay, its all very solid for a puzzle game, and if you are one of the people looking for a amazing puzzle game on android, this is definitely going to be one of the must have downloads for all Android devices.




Source:Cipher Prime Studios


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