It seems that the technology savvy generation has struck again (well, someone who has a camera phone at least). Photos of a Gamestop promotional AD for Activision’s Black Ops 2 first DLC ‘Revolution’ leaked earlier today on the title’s forums. The post has since been removed, but not before eager Call of Duty fans shared the information.

The Revolution map pack is set to include four new multiplayer maps:

  1. Grind: an Urban environment, most likely a skate park of sorts.
  2. Mirage: an Asian setting.
  3. Hydro: a dam.
  4. Downhill: a snow covered ski resort.

Also included a brand new zombie map, Die Rises (let’s guess, some sort of destroyed high rise buildings) and bonus Peacekeeper Sub-Machine-Gun. The leaked images suggested that XBL users will get their hands on the new maps first with a rumored release date of January 29th, 2013 for XBL marketplace. With the speculated date so close, an official announcement shouldn’t be too long now.




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