I was never planning on picking up a copy of Far Cry 3, but I am very glad that I did.I was never a really big fan of the second game, but let me tell you, this one completely blows that out of the water and gamers out there, don’t base your decision off the experience you had with Far Cry 2. From the first cut scene you get a sense of urgency to escape the pirate camp. You play the game as a character named Jason Brodny who was on an adventure with his two brothers, and several friends. Enjoying their time skydiving quickly turned as they were kidnapped by the evil pirate Vaas.

Jason Brody is not your typical hero, he is thrown into this situation without plan and without really knowing what to do. Absolutely terrified with what is going on, Jason literally has to fight for his friends’ lives. Forcing him to become the aggressor for the sake of his life you can see the change in Jason throughout the game. No longer worried about taking another person’s life, he knows he has to do whatever it takes to save his friends.

One of my favorite things about this game is the way you discover your surroundings.Much like the high points in Assassin’s Creed, you are required to climb, and jump, to the top of radio towers spread across the island to disable the radio box from emitting a signal. Every tower is different, and more challenging than the last. Once the radio towers are under control more of the map and mini map become available for you to explore.

Another thing that makes this installment different than the second, a crafting ability has been added. Jason starts the game with nothing, and has to make all of his weapon holsters, and ammo bags by himself. To do this, you have to hunt, and skin, many different types of animals. You can make several types of arrows as well. From regular arrows to arrows with exploding tips as well as fire! As far as weapon customization it is limited, but it is a nice feature to have some options as well as the weapons you do have get the job done.

The developers used a different engine for this game, so you can now explore caves, which is fun. They can be challenging though! You need to watch where you’re walking, otherwise you’ll fall to your death. You also have to be aware of what may be living in these caves. I went in a cave and was attacked by a bear that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

 As you play the game, you start to feel for Jason, and his friends. Each friend you save, you feel a little more relieved and feel as though they may make it through this. The sense of accomplishment you get when you see the friends reunite is something I’ve never felt in a game before. This is one game where you really become the character and feel as though it could really happen to you.

Pick up this game when you can, you’ll enjoy it. As a FPS, this has aspects from other games that make it both a challenge, and a fun game. So, for all of you FPS vets, this will be a welcome change to your typical FPS. Anybody new to the game style will love it as well. I have yet to play the multiplayer portion of the game, I like to play through the campaign of games before I do that. But, from videos and everything I’ve seen of it, it looks to be as good, if not better than the single player story.

Remember, watch out for sharks, and crocodiles!


*Guest post by: Erik Auclair

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