During the Spike Video Game Awards, air date December 7th, Irrational debuted a brand new game-play trailer for Bioshock Infinite. The trailer mainly reveals how Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth firs meet up and show cases some of the new mechanics in the title (sky-hooks? hell yeah!)

According to the developers official site for Infinite, all sorts of media were able to get their hands on the upcoming release and experience the game until their hands calloused up.

I’ve just played the first five hours of BioShock Infinite, and I’ve come away with the same dazed feeling I got after I first played Half-Life 2. It’s a sensory overload: a relentless series of staggering sights, astonishing events, and more story and detail and mysteries than I could possibly absorb.- PC Gamer

Also check out IGN’s commentary on their experience with Bioshock Infinite! As previously reported, the game has been delayed another month to allow the developers some extra time to throw some polish onto the game. Current release date is March 26th, 2013.

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