With the Wii U just hitting stores Nintendo has turned its attention to this new console. Where does this leave the Wii? In the dust! Nintendo has confirmed that they will no longer be developing games for the Wii. Their main focus is creating games for the new Wii U. However, with the Wii U having just been released and not getting the best reviews is this a smart move for Nintendo?

While Nintendo has decided to cease production of Wii games, third party games for the Wii will still continue. The Wii had incredibly high sales numbers that surpassed PS3 and Xbox 360 so it is a popular console with some of the most fun games.

Nintendo Director of Product Marketing, Bill Trinen, said:

“Wii itself is really interesting because there are so many people who have that system and know what that system is that there’s still a lot of opportunity for software sales on Wii”

While Nintendo will not be developing the games there are more opportunities for other developers to create popular and successful titles. The Wii console is not obsolete either as many people use the Netflix movie service and stream it through their Wii console. In addition. Nintendo still wants the Wii to be successful and will do what is necessary to entice non-Wii consumers to take a closer look at the Wii by making it more affordable. Bill Trinen also said:

 “I think there’s also the potential for a lot of people who still haven’t purchased Wii, believe it or not, who might be interested at the right price. So we’ll probably be looking at it more from that standpoint.”

From that you can gather that you will see a markdown in the price of the Wii in the near future. While Nintendo has turned it’s focus to the new Wii U console we highly doubt this is the end of the Wii.


Source: http://bit.ly/Q9JkDx

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