All gamers have been there, you sit down to play a game, plan to play for one or two hours and five hours later you realize you should have been in bed three hours ago. For Australian sales manager, Kaya five hours was just getting warmed up.

Kaya, a sales manager at 4 Cabling, clocked in 135 hours and 50 minutes of Call of Duty: Black Ops II setting the record for the longest gameplay in Guinness World Records. The previous record-holders were Christopher Gloyd and Timothy Bell who played Resistance for 120 hours and 7 minutes. The record setting gameplay was streamed via UStream over the course of seven days. According to Guinness World Record rules, and since Kaya is only human, he was allowed ten minutes to take a break for every hour he gamed. In his attempts to set the record Kaya ended up being placed 29th overall in the Black Ops II leader boards.

What is the longest gaming session you have played?




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