One of the most well known issues with Modern Warfare 3 is campers. Every corner of every building on every map there is someone waiting. When Modern Warfare 3 was released it introduced players to it’s newest game mode ‘Kill Confirmed’ which was an effort to put forth a game mode that is more active, requiring movement of players to collect tags. Unfortunately, the way the game mode was structured it did not succeed in preventing campers.

With the newest edition to the Call of Duty series Black Ops 2 on it’s way, it is of concern whether or not the camping issue has been addressed and gamers can have an enjoyable match again.

According to The Examiner Treyarch has made an effort to fix the problem. Treyarch has re-structured the Kill Confirmed game mode to avoid campers by rewarding players with additional points that add to their score streak. The details were announced on the Black Ops 2 message boards:

Kill Confirmed was once one of my favorite game modes in MW3 but it had a noticeable flaw which turned me away from the game mode.

The flaw was that you were still awarded a pointstreak even if you or a teammate didn’t collect the tag.

In Black Ops 2 using the scorestreak system, this is how the score scoring system works:

  • Killed enemy – 50 points
  • Pick up enemy tag – 100 points
  • Teammate picking up enemy tag – 25 points
  • Denying an enemy a tag – 25 points

This change is huge, as it all contributes to the players “score streak” and pushes players to play the objective. If you’re ignoring all the dog tags, you won’t get to your scorestreak reward as fast as the player who is playing the objective.

Hopefully this is enough to lure campers out of their corners for bonus points and more activity on the map. Whether or not this is enough to eliminate campers, we will have to wait and see. Black Ops 2 is set to release on November 13 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.





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