A new trailer featuring all of the Promethean weapons for Halo 4 was released. There are seven Forerunner weapons the Boltshot, Suppressor, Scattershot, Lightrifle, Binary Rifle, Incineration Cannon, and the Pulse Grenade. Each weapon has specific and unique capabilities that makes them stand out from one another, but also makes them perfect for facing certain in game situations. Learning how and when to use the right weapon makes all the difference! Halo 4 releases November 6!

 The Boltshot is a weapon of timing and accuracy. This secondary weapon features two firing modes but takes a little time to learn how to use it effectively. The charge shot aspect of the gun acts as a shotgun. The blast made is incredibly powerful and deadly when timed correctly.

The Suppressor is the go to gun for those smaller maps and for those who prefer close quarter combat. The fully automatic weapon rapid fires having the fastest firing rate of all the fully auto weapons, not to mention a 48 bullet clip.

The Scattershot is another close combat weapon. It’s a shotgun that can dominate close-range that features ricocheting bullets which makes for a fun time in tight spaces. Have fun banking those shots!

The Lightrifle is the precision weapon to use for long distant combat. The Lightrifle is a semi-automatic weapon that uses particle acceleration that fires hard light. With two firing modes and a 3x zoom you will be taking out enemies left and right!

The Binary Rifle is the king of sniper rifles. This weapon is made for long range and can easily take out infantry with one shot. With this weapon you don’t have to headshot your enemy to score the kill, you can hit their body anywhere to score a kill.

The Incineration Cannon, the name says it all. What more could you want out of a weapon? This beast of a rocket launcher is a shoulder-mounted weapon that fires charged particles at your enemy. It is highly effect at mid and long-range.

The Pulse Grenade is different than the usual grenades in Halo. It has a field-effect that overloads power networks causing them to go offline. It is a great anti-vehicle and anti-air weapon.

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