Epic Games is notorious for bringing Fortnite to the gaming community, quickly becoming the most popular game in the world. Now Epic is seeking to extend their reach and is offering their own digital PC store that will compete with Steam, the biggest PC digital marketplace for video games.

Other publishers have tried to compete with Valve’s platform but never reached the same popularity but with Epic they’re taking a different approach. Instead of offering their games exclusively to the platform they’re giving developers who use it an 88% cut of the games sold on their store.

In comparison, Steam takes 20-30% of revenue from developers, making it a much more appealing alternative to Steam. Steam’s recent change in policy could be in response to this.

Steam now takes a 30 percent cut on sales under $10 million, then a 25 percent cut on sales between $10 million and $50 million, then a 20 percent cut on sales above $50 million. This new policy has been unpopular for indie developers who have argued that this will benefit bigger publishers while leaving smaller studios with less to survive on.

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