SoulCalibur set its identity from other notorious fighters by focusing on weapon-based combat and 3D movement. SoulCalibur VI returns to this concepts, builds on it, and provides a game that both newcomers and veterans of the genre can enjoy. It lacks a fully featured training mode and the single-player is servable but the core mechanics of SoulCalibur VI rock solid.

Soul-Based Weapon Combat

SoulCalibur VI has 21 characters to choose from, each with their own weapon and styles. Most share a similar command list allowing players to pick up but SoulCalibur VI relies heavily on the player’s ability to learn. The training mode is limited and doesn’t include a combo challenge system to teach the best opportunities for each tactic.

Fortunately, the combat system is forgiving enough for newcomers to learn the basics while veterans will find a much more layered system. Reversal Edges serve as SoulCalibur VI’s counter attack. Able to reverse almost any attack the tactic has a large tell and is matched by its charge. This makes counters a bit easier to pull off but those familiar with the tactic can simply wait it out, leaving the player exposed once the animation is over.

Critical Edges serve as SoulCalibur VI’s super moves. A gauge called Souls Guage charges when the player takes damage, attacks, or counters. Once at least 1 meter is full players can perform a unique attack using Soul Charge or a super attack that does massive damage and is entertaining to watch.

Truly Beautiful

Speaking of its visuals, SoulCalibur VI looks amazing. The animations and graphics for every character and stages have a level of detailed that is admirable. What complements the entire look of the game is the soundtrack. Each track matches the tone of the stage and the character associated with the arena.

The characters not only look amazing but decay as the fight progresses. Armor and clothing start to fall off the more the fighter loses. This has no effect on performance but it does add the intensity of the fight, seeing your avatar stripped of their armor with nothing but exposed flesh left.

Fighting Game Campaign Standard

SoulCalibur VI does offer 2 single-player modes, Libra of Souls and Soul Chronicles. Libra of Souls is an RPG-like campaign where the player takes control of a custom character and travels throughout Europe and Asia in search of Astral Fissures to stave off death. The character creation tool is shockingly varied, with a lot of options to create creative characters that rivals other creation tools found in titles such as Skyrim.

The campaign itself the player earning experience by competing against other characters. You can take on missions and side objectives for better equipment to take on stronger enemies. The developers implemented handicaps such as less health and boosters in the way of food to try and keep things from getting repetitive but eventually, everything begins to bleed together.

Soul Chronicles has more of a classic mode where players take part in a series of battles with one of the characters from the roster while explaining their responsibility in the core story involving Soul Edge. Everything is told through a series of static cutscenes that are beautiful but don’t have the same impact as the dialogue between the characters when they’re about to fight. Both are servable campaigns that provide lore and insight into the game’s world but it’s nothing other fighting games haven’t done.

A Remarkable Entry

SoulCalibur VI is an outstanding entry for the franchise and easily accessible whether you’re a fighting game fan or someone who’s interested in the genre. The outstanding cast of fighters provide an array of options to choose from and the combat system is simple enough to understand but complicated enough that it’ll require dedicated training to truly master. The training mode is lacking but this is a small issue. SoulCalibur VI brings the franchise to new heights by returning to the series-crowning achievements, fun weapon-based combat.

SoulCalibur VI Review
  • Caters to Both Casuals and Veterans
  • Diverse Cast of Fighters
  • Amazing Visuals and Soundtrack
  • Lack of Combo Training
  • Static Cutscenes
8.5Overall Score
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